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Joyful Noise Farm


Who we are, what we do, and why we do it!


 (The "Grafted-In" Symbol or the triglyph "Menorah/Star of David/Fish" is the Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Kehillah (church). First to Second century artifacts discovered in a cave near King David's tomb on Mount Zion in the 1960's bear this symbol. Some experts have concluded that it was an identifying mark of the early Jewish Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) as a symbol that tied together their traditions and faith in a growing Messianic  community.                 

The Menorah at the top represents the Torah, the fulfillment of the promises to Abraham and that special calling to the people of Israel. The Magen David (Star of David) is a symbol of the kingdom and a reminder that the son of David, Yeshua the King, will sit on the throne of David. The fish has a rich history of identification with the believer. It was a common symbol for believers because the Greek word for fish (ICHTHYS) was used as an acronym for "Yeshua, Son of God, Savior".                                                                                                                      

This three-part design beautifully illustrates the truth of Romans 11:17-18, that all believers are grafted into the Jewish Root through faith in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, the Fulfiller of the Torah and the rightful King in the line of David. )



 We are a first generation farm possessing a love and passion for our Elohim and Saviour, Y'shua...without Him in our lives, we would be nothing.  We are unabashedly His followers and strive to walk with Him in all areas of our lives, at all times in our lives.  As a parent sets down rules for a child's safety and well being, so G-d does as well. He will teach you, guide you, walk with you, SPEAK WITH YOU (yes, you read that right.  G-d still speaks today as He has always done.  If you have His Holy Spirit living within you, you have an instant connection to God, the Father!).  If you want to know this kind of freedom (not some superficial "freedom" from man-made religious laws or rituals): if you want to KNOW beyond any doubt you are His, if you want to discover your purpose for being here, then PLEASE contact our family (!  


We are a homesteading family who enjoys the simple things of life.  We seek simplicity in a culture where simple is "unpopular" and rushing around is normal (we do not think so).  We enjoy gathering together at meal-times, working side by side on our farm, camping, biking, hiking, even playing a rowdy game of soccer or baseball!!  It is our dream to pass on simple values to our children in an age when farming is rapidly disappearing and food is becoming more and more "processed" and quite unfit for human sustenance. We eat simply, and prepare alot of food the way our ancestors in Biblical times would have done (fermenting, pickling, drying, grinding our own grains, using sourdough starter to make wholesome bread, etc).

In the years prior to moving to our current farm, we had consumed farm -fresh, local food through a farm co-op.  We really wanted to be able to provide that same, wholesome food by ourselves and teach our children how to do so.  Lori had fallen in love with goats after visiting a friend's goat farm back several years ago!  Things Divinely fell into place and we moved in spring 2008 from a 1/4 acre lot in suburbia to a partially wooded 9 acres here in the country.  That same friend's farm started us on our journey by providing us with a trio of "bottle baby goat kids we raised for met, then the following spring, another trio of milking does (2 ADGA La Manchas and 1 Boer/Alpine cross).

This was our dream come true to be able to have livestock, grow our own large garden and raise our children with lots of fresh air and good old fashioned work. Though our land was not set up originally for animals, we have been slowly molding it into a suitable place, complete with a new barn built in 2009.  We now have a small herd of registered ADGA La Manchas of high quality genetics that produce in the pail and also show well in the ring.

       Why the name "JOYFUL NOISE?"  Our family was sharing a devotional time in His word and discussing farm names back in 2009.  I shared what had been placed on my heart, Psalm 100:1..."Make a JOYFUL NOISE unto the Lord all ye lands".  As we were talking about this psalm,  we suddenly became very aware of multiple noises: the sheep baa'ing, the goat kids maa'ing, our Great Pyrenees guard dog barking (at the red tail hawk screaming overhead), and our youngest child saying "ma-a-a-a-a-ma-a-a-a!!! ..and we looked at each other and LAUGHED!!  All of creation sings its glory to G-d!! Joyful Noise seemed to fit!...And joyful it HAS BEEN and IS. 
We chose the name PSALM100 for our ADGA dairy goat herd in honor of that verse.

We take seriously the admonition in Proverbs 27:23, "Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds."  We know that well cared for animals are happy animals and produce well for us.

 G-d further states in Proverbs 27:27, "You shall have enough goats' milk for your food, for the food of your household, and the nourishment of your maidservants."

Small wonder that goats' milk is a nearly perfect food source for raising most  orphaned species on, including humans.  We LOVE it on our farm and not only drink it, but make cheeses, yogurt, incorporate it into many of our products and so on!